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The PLOWZ & MOWZ™ App delivers an on-demand smartphone solution that instantly empowers consumers with just a few taps of a button.

“We liberate homeowners by allowing them more leisure-time and less drudgery. ”

Connect: iOS Android 

Recent Updates:

When you realize that @plowzapp is expanding its line of services this Spring...
We've got fertilization, aeration, driveway sealing, tree trimming, and much more coming to a location near you!

6 more weeks of winter....
#GroundhogDay #PunxsutawneyPhil #6moreweeksofwinter #plowzandmowz

MRW my wife thanks me for clearing the driveway but I actually was just smart enough to order from Plowz & Mowz #PLOWZSZN #Winter #snow

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