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Cheddar is a live and on-demand video news service, focusing on a millennial twist for business news.

“The Cheddar network covers this news through the lens of the companies and executives driving these changes. Cheddar broadcasts live daily from Post 10 on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Marketsite, and the Flatiron Building. ”

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Recent Updates:

After being MIA for the past seven years, the iconic @Theorigchipwich is back on shelves. Crave Better Foods CEO David Clarke tells us why now is the right time to relaunch the brand. #CheddarLIVE

Netflix has fired its PR chief Jonathan Friedland after six years on the job for allegedly dropping the n-word in a company meeting. #CheddarLIVE

Interesting insight from Sony Music's Marcelo Perez at #CannesLions: He says that YouTube is the leading model for music video consumption, but not for discovery, that people still mostly find out about them on music video TV channels or social media. #CheddarLIVE

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